HISTORY of Irene Dash Greeting Card Company

Ruth ReevesAs a young woman, Irene G. Dash sold greeting cards for the family business, American Artists Group.  Samuel Golden, her father and the founder of American Artists Group, decided to branch out from the limited selections featured for the many famous artists in the group.  He named the new company after his daughter, Irene Dash Greeting Card Company. 

The new company focused on a few individual artists. Ruth Reeves designed the cards for the inaugural season.  In quick succession, Tasha Tudor and Eyvind Earle followed, enhancing the line with their wonderful designs.  Each artist’s cards appeared in a separate book which was placed in fine department stores and card stores.  The customer could browse through Andree Ruellanthe various designs by each artist, select a greeting and personalize the card for businesses or for the many friends and family on holiday card lists. 

Receiving an Irene Dash greeting card was so special that many of the cards still are treasured in frames and scrapbooks around the country.  Today the archives of the Irene Dash Greeting Card Company have been merged with the collections from Art Guild, Designers and Illustrators, Dorothy Simmons, Galaxy, American Heritage, and American Artists Group.  It is our pleasure to rediscover the beauty of the cards in the archived collections and make them available to collectors and connoisseurs of greeting cards.